So much for my goal of making it to Top 100, I didn't even get in the money.

Needless to say, I feel sad about it.

Just really sad, but not regretful.

It was my first time to play in such a different field. The Freeroll required 100 VPPs earned on the Mobile Software from July 9 to August 15, so the 6125 entrants are mostly players that have probably played in higher stakes that I have.

I totally wasn't able to adjust. It also didn't help that I got the worst run of starting hands, having to fold 96% of the time, and being able to play only twice, once on the big blind in an unraised pot, and once in middle position with suited King also in an unraised pot. I was down to less than 2BB (a little over 1.5BB) when I decided to go all-in with J7o for a chance to double-up, just so I wouldn't be blinded off. And as expected, the J7o didn't win the pot.

It's just so sad.

It took a lot of effort to earn the 100 VPPs that the tournament ticket required, since I'm working with a really small bankroll (I can afford to play only 1c/2c and 2c/5c comfortably, stepping up to 5c/10c from time to time). I played Zoom on and on, keeping track of my VPPs, and when I finally reached the 100 mark, shifted back to MTTs to prepare for this tournament. I made a game plan, even wrote it down. I also made it a point that I had enough rest before playing. The tournament's set at 1:00 ET, which is 1 am where I am, so I had to take a 2-hour nap to have my mind well-rested and refreshed. I was all set when the tournament began, and throughout the tournament made calls and decisions that I know were right, but my cards were just muck.

They say that in Poker, luck evens out.

After that tournament though, I guess it's fairly reasonable for me to doubt that. But I honestly don't.

A bad run is just a bad run. And yes, bad luck may hit at the most crucial time, but this instance shouldn't make me forget all the good runs I've had.

What I need to do now is accept that this is just part of the game and not allow it to bring me down.

I still have to be at my best in the TWITTER 100,000 FOLLOWERS Freeroll tomorrow.