Got this tip from showdownhill's comment in one of my entries. It's a very simple and useful advice, but I have to say that it's easier said than done.

Just today I failed to follow this advice twice.

The first one was during the Open Skill League where I told myself to play super-tight during the early phase of the tournament but failed to do so. I was supposed to play with only Category 1 or 2 preflop starting hands, but ended up playing up to maybe Category 6 or 7. I also called in bets that are bigger than what I would usually call, causing a big dent on my chips, making it difficult for me to play on. I busted out 2000+th place, which isn't really that bad (I think I'll even get points for the leaderboard), but I know that had I followed my plan, I would've placed significantly higher.

The second instance was in the recent Premier Skill League Qualifier. Early on in the game, my initial goal was to just get in the money. There were 88 entrants and after being ultra-tight in the first three rounds, I found myself really short-stacked in the middle phase. But I didn't mind, because I know I play short-stack pretty well. From 42nd out of 44, I made a comeback and got in the money. I was currently 6th or 7th out of 13 players when I set a new goal: Make it to the final table. It shouldn't be that difficult. The amount of chips I had was a little above average, I was in the top-half, and some players were still playing loosely. While folding hand after hand after hand (as I wasn't getting any decent hand to play), another two players bust out, and when there were only 11 players left, I finally got a starting hand I wanted to play:  . Three players before me fold and I entered the pot with a 3BB bet with the intention of folding if someone re-raises and forces me to go all-in (Usually I would bet the standard 4BB, but this time, I felt that I didn't want to risk that much). The plan was simple: Fold to a re-raise that would force me to go all-in. And If nobody re-raises, continue only if I hit the flop. The player to my left folds and the next player who has me covered pushed all-in. The plan was simple: Fold. But then I decided to go against it and take a chance to double-up. And this is what I got:

Boom! I was out at 11th place. Had I folded according to plan, I would've easily made it to the final table practically sitting out and be glad that I reached my goal.

So yea, have a plan and stick to it. And keep in mind your goal.

A bad beat is harder to swallow when it's a result of a stubborn call.