Must. regain. focus.

I think I might have overloaded myself with too many goals for August and September ( that I got too overwhelmed and pressured to play well in my recent games.

And this self-pressure is already affecting me in a very negative way.

Perhaps I should just simplify my goals, maybe choose only two major and at most three minor goals to work on and try not to get too distracted by other available opportunities (I may have gotten a bit too obssessed with getting a ticket to the Red Spade Open that I somehow sacrificed my shots at "The Flame" 2012. Also, recently, I got too hooked with the WCP IX Stage 1).

So I've come up with this revised list of goals for the following two months:

Major/Top Priority

  1. Qualify for the PokerSchool Premier Skill League.
  2. Reach the final table of the $100K Depositor Freerolls.
  1. NEW! Get a ticket to the VIP Club Mobile Freeroll (Actually, this is not new, I have been playing Zoom for this for quite some time now, I just wasn't able to include this in my previous list) and be one of the Top 100 finishers.
  2. Get in the money in the Weekly Round 2.
  3. NEW! (More of compressed/generalized to be less overwhelming) Place in a special freeroll/event. (I'm currently registered in the TWITTER 100,000 FOLLOWERS Freeroll and will register for later's Support Your Country: Closing Freeroll.)
I hope that with this, I can get back on track.

But this is just my take.

It will really help to get some advice from you guys. I'd really really appreciate your comments on this :wink:

Thanks in advance!