I've been playing on Zoom for quite some time now, but it's only today that I tried playing Omaha. I know, the tab's forever been there, but everytime I open it, I automatically click on Omaha Hi/Lo (my favorite game in 8-Game) only to see that there are no players. So I just stick to Hold'em.

Earlier today though, my stubborn self decided to rest its "Omaha Hi/Lo or Hold'em" thought and allowed me to check on Omaha. It turns out that there's quite a number of players there (around one-third of those in Hold'em) and there's also a table with $0.01/$0.02 stakes. I gave it a try and got a really good run, raising my $1 buy-in to $6.75, yay for beginner's luck :-D

I guess I'll play alternate Hold'em and Omaha in Zoom from now on :wink: