Just went through my e-mail to check the exact date I've joined PokerStars. April 3, 2012. It's been almost four months of ups and downs (okay, maybe downs and ups, because the downs came before the ups, I was so bad back then!) and as I start my fifth month of playing, I've decided to set some goals for the next two months :wink:

  1. Reach the final table of the $100K Depositor Freerolls.
  2. Be one of the Top 40 finishers in the Women's Poker League - Freeroll and place in the Women's Poker League - $0.10 Division.
  3. Be one of the Top 90 finishers in the PokerSchool Open Skill League.
  4. Qualify for the PokerSchool Premier Skill League.
  5. Place in any of the PSO "The Flame" 2012 main events.
  6. Place in the Support Your Country Closing Freeroll (I registered for the Opening, but missed it because I fell asleep ).
  7. Get more tickets for the Weekly Round 2.
  8. Get in the money in the Weekly Round 2.
  9. Get in the money in a Special Tourney.
  10. Earn 100 more VPPs.
So far, my greatest achievement is placing 5th in Le Verrier's. I played in the tourney for six and a half hours, sitting out only for meals (I had both my lunch and dinner during the six and a half hour period). It was tough, tiring, and yet so fulfilling.

I want to relive that. I want to master that kind of focus and stretch of patience in my games.

And I will. Hopefully within the next two months.

 Wake me up when September ends... 

Poker zombie mode is on! 8)