I've been hooked on Poker for the past three months or so, taking the chance to play every break I get during work days and spending most of my weekends playing tournaments and cash games. My friend togoynks, the one who introduced me to PokerStars, just recently told me that I am already more addicted to Poker than he is. It's true. I've reached the point where I can no longer fold. After maybe a month of going through the courses in PokerSchoolOnline, I find myself a much more better player than I was, getting in the money on tournaments and earning cash in Zoom more often. I can now say that I've mastered the game to some extent and now is not the time to stop.

While it has been mostly practice and theory that helped me improve my game, still, the most important reminder I tell myself every time I play is a word I've hammered my mind with since Day 1 - "Patience", which later evolved to the phrase "Patience and Control".

Outside Poker, I am a very impatient person, so just imagine how hard it is for me to wait for good hands, going through fold after fold after fold, seeing hands I could've won if I called, and resisting the urge to play with the next mediocre starting hand. It's crazy hard, but amazing. I find myself not just beating the game, but also beating my impatient self. But of course, the old impatient self still takes over sometimes. And yeah, she still causes me to bust out of a tournament or worse, lose a significant amount of cash.

It sucks, finding myself going back to my old playing style. I actually just busted out of the $100K Depositor Freerolls now, calling an All-in raise from a player in early position who I thought didn't have the nuts, just because I got too excited to double my chips. My call was so bad, I should be banging my head. But what's done is done. Now, I can either replay the hand and torture myself or just move on and learn from it.

Perhaps the word "Patience" or even the phrase "Patience and Control" aren't enough. Or maybe the word "Control" has somehow diluted the meaning of "Patience" in the phrase. I don't know. Right now, I think I should revise my chant.

"Patience. Patience. Patience."

Hopefully that chant will help me consistently do well in my future games.