Conventional wisdom and tactics for NLH are usually tossed out the window, when it comes to playing NLH at the low stakes tables….I’m talking the .25 to $1. tables. But this is where I have to start if I’m going to prove that I can build a bank roll from $50. I play the .25 cent MTT tables and have been doing very well. At these low stakes tables, my tactics have changed drastically, in order to survive the crazy shootouts at the small stakes tables. I’ve learned to recognize some keys points about the majority of players at this lower level. Not all the time, but most of the time, I’ve seen these moves from players. Risking their tournament life, “all in” with small pairs, preflop, knowing they are going to get looked up! (22’s and up!) Big raises, preflop with ace anything, in any position. If they do have a big hand preflop, they never ”isolate” the original raiser, they just call leaving room for others to get involved, which others do! And most players are not concerned with, or understand the advantages of position. Pot odds? Forget it! So by keeping these points in mind, you then can turn the tables on these types of players. Not all players are like this, but the key to doing well “down here” is knowing that most of them do play like this.................STATS for my last tourny.............................. Super Satellite 497 players Target Tournament #2012003002 Tournament started 2012/03/10 13:53:00 ET Dear chefsteve67, You finished the tournament in 1st place. You qualified to play in Tournament #2012003002 and are automatically registered for it. See Tournament #2012003002 Lobby for further details. Congratulations! Thank you for participating. During current Hold'em session you were dealt 79 hands and saw flop: - 0 out of 10 times while in big blind (0%) - 3 out of 9 times while in small blind (33%) - 11 out of 60 times in other positions (18%) - a total of 14 out of 79 (17%) Pots won at showdown - 6 of 6 (100%) Pots won without showdown – 7