One thing I want to mention is I find that I’m more successful at the tables, if I really watch the betting frequency and style of the guys/ gals I play. For example, I have AQ suited early position, I make a standard raise 3 BB, ($90.) I get two callers, the blinds, (of course!) The flop comes 10, 2, 7, rainbow. SB checks, BB bets 30 bucks into a pot of 270?....I see this all the time. So I call, and SB folds. The turn is nothing still, no chance of straight, not worried about the flush. He bets again another 30 bucks. (Every guy that makes this kind of bet, is just bluffing and trying to steal the big pot, yet doesn’t want invest a lot to do it! All you have to do, to get me off my “two overs”, is not give my good odds to call!) So I call, and the river again is a blank, buddy can’t help him self, makes another really bad bet of 60 bucks. I call and take down a great pot, with the minimum invested, and buddy, rolls over 4, 5, suited.