It's amazing how many people/players insist on thinking that poker is all about the luck of the cards, luck at winning!....Weather its at a home game or online, people, (donks/bingo players) insist on thinking luck has everything to do with, or a large part of the game! I don’t get it? Then I find out, chatting with "them" while at the table, they also play bingo, and "they" think the odds of winning are no different! And for this reason I keep coming back to play them! I encourage them to keep playing the way they do! I will just keep calling them with top pair, trips, straights, or a flush, even though it’s right there in front of them on the board! Then when you roll over the cards, they attach the work "bad luck" to their lose, and if they river a “two out-ter” on me, they call it good luck! So trying to explain it to them is a waste of time, and really I want them to continue playing the way they do. The money that I loose today, I'm getting back days later. My bank roll is the proof of that. After all, that’s why we are here, to make money… So I encourage all "bingo players" to come out and try their hand at NLH. Luck is on your side, think positive and you will win! Bring your "lucky toy" and sit it there proudly on your stack!