So I've been playing in most all of these tournaments for the past few days only. One thing I see right off is people are quick to say "you are ranked bad". Well of course, they've played a lot more than I have and have had time to build points. I'm not saying I'm better than them at all, but I am saying you give these beginers a bit of a pat on the back with a ranking...they take it too much. I see a lot of these people saying: you played this bad, you did this, you did that...Listen, we're all here for the same reason...TO LEARN. I had a guy today tell me I made a bad play. I was BB with 4x his stack. He min raised me in cutoff position, so of course I called. He had QJ, and I had 97(suited). The flop came and I hit a gutshot along with a flush draw. He hit just top pair, and he shoves. I of course call, because of the outs I had left and I was risking less than 20% of my stack at that point. I of course hit my flush, take him out, and what happens? He says on the flop he was 90/10 to win, and calls my preflop and flop play bad. Well I had a lot more than 10% chance with the outs I had. He says "you're a pro"...I never said that, but I did state the fact his statement of 90/10 was WAY OFF!!! He called me a donk, etc. Anyways, my point is. I've cashed in 2 of 5 of these tournaments, and these guys are calling me a bad player. I know that could be luck, but I'm willing to learn and they are not. So I will prove myself, and play well.