Hi all,





I'm Charlie Manie.

I'd like to keep my private things - private, if you don't mind, but I will tell all about my Pokerstars Experience.

I play mostly Cash games (Micro Limit Omaha HI / NL HOLDEM) and then some PokerSchool Freerolls or Micro Tournaments.


First I want to talk to you about these things called "Swings".

We all know about them and we have probably all witnessed or been through one of those.

In the end, it's all about having a good bankroll management to see that it doesn't have a big impact on your poker skills or experience.


One day you are on the winning side and the other day you are on the losing side, but to my experience the downside or losing side of the swings is showing way bigger numbers, than when there's a winning streak on Pokerstars.

Have you all experienced this as well?

It is like you set out goals (which at that time seem reasonable), but when you hit the tables and get a couple of hands in, then you'll probably be like "hmmm, maybe I shouldn't do this?", because your Pocket Aces gets cracked, either PREFLOP all in or slowplaying it and the same goes for any other big hands you've grown to play and with a place in your RANGE.

The next thing is these swings somehow seem to hold up for a while on the same tables and against the same players.

I can win $8 in one day, but it takes all of my BEST POKER SKILLS to do this and maintain this, when the next day I lose more than $15 dollars in just a couple of hours.

I can't remember the hands I sucked out on the Villain, but that's more probably because it's me who's mostly the one ahead and I mean in a crushing lead, PREFLOP and on the FLOP, than my Dracula Villian who likes to suck out on me.

I sometimes am up against complete donks (sorry for my language, but I don't know any other way to put it, I mean I know there's "bad" poker players, but they usually geniunely like to improve their game, because for the love of their game) and they somehow seem to win every hand, and I mean every hand, no matter what or who The Donk is up against. I'm talking about, this donk doesn't read his opponents (like someone who has been folding the whole time and then out of the blue begins to raise and pot-raises on an Ace Flop, not giving you the odds to do anything if you aren't holding or drawing to a nuts)

Guess what? This donk makes the calls everytime and mircalously seems to avoid all the outs and makes his straight, flush or even four-of-a-kind runner runner stuff.

How is this possible and is your experience with this type of poker players, "too much", as well?

I mean, I've been at the tables for hours and hours, playing some solid Micro Poker, but can't seem to win it big, due to my reads and skills, when out of the blue comes this minimum buy-in donk sitting at the table (playing every hand, literally every hand and even calling big raises and pot raises), just to make his buy-in triple or quadruple in a matter of two minutes or two hands).


Variance is another thing, but when it becomes an every day thing, then we can not talk about Variance anymore. (I can't go lower than micro stakes and thus don't know what else to do, because I really like "The Game" and usually enjoy the opponents at the tables, as in a friendly matter), until these "Donks" come to the table and mess up everything.


I have never understood why some "Bullies" come to the Micro Stakes just to raise every hand and play every hand like a Monster, like can't you do that at the higher stakes and give us the Micro Stakes?

Try to sit at a 10c/25c OMAHA HI game with $30, instead of coming to Micro Stakes and messing it all up.

Last night there was a player at the Micro Stakes (max buy-in of $2) with almost $30 dollar, I mean that's like 15x the max buy-in!


I hope you have enjoyed the read and this was all the stuff I could get down at the moment.

I'm still fresh in the "swing".


See you at the tables and good luck out there! May the NUTS be with you!