Many people will have different methods on how to read their oppenents. The simple truth is, if you notice the betting patterns of players it gives you a good idea on their style of play. I believe that when you play in a multi-tournament table having a good idea of who is loose and tight could certainly give you an edge on the table. Noticing how the player reacts to certain situations, betting patterns and overall playability, allows you to make inform decisions on the table. I believe a player has a core charateristic of playing style that will show through consistently in a Multi-Table Tournament(MTT) or Sit and Go. Recently I was playing a"MTT" and player was a real loose type. Luck was on his side and increased his stake quite considerably. However, as time went along, the "loose player" became tight as he was in a commanding position in the "MTT". Once again, I will refer back to my theory of a "core characteristic". The "loose player" reverted back to his core playing style and did not even make the top 50, even though he was about 6th overall and with about 200 players left. Thus fellow PSO members, read your players and no matter the stack size difference do not be afraid to trap players as mentioned above. As they are never satisfied with a big stack, it's about the thrill I assume. Fly the PSO Flag. Charl 003