...I hate Bingo Players.

The last 2 tourneys I ran into Bingo players. They totally disrupted my game. Neither one of them actually knocked me out but they affected me a lot because I would have decent starter hands like KJ, or A10, and put in the blind only to be bullied out. Or then I folded decent hands when I was out of position only to have the Bingo player fold as well. Ugh.

I was glad that I was patient enough not to call the "All Ins" with questionable cards, but still lossed enough chips that I was ousted from the tourneys earlier than I expected to be. I kept wishing I would be moved to another table but it didn't happen.

Actually, the last tourney I did make a big mistake with a different player but I was flustered from the Bingo guy.

Any advice on handling Bingo players?