Do you know what is the right way to play a weak ace in the big blind?  One of the things we all have to do when playing poker is to try and protect our blinds when possible. 

We have all been in this situation.  Sitting in the Big Blind with A5 and the table folds around to the Small Blind and they 3-bet to steal your blind.  You now have three options available to you.

You can fold.
You can flat call.
You can reraise.

What Is The Right Play?

Obviously, we do not want to fold in this position and just give up our chips. 

If we are out of position and there are players putting chips in the middle then a weak ace is an easy fold for all of us, but heads up against the small blind, you shouldn’t be folding to a raise.

What Should We Do, A Flat Call or Reraise? 

A straight out flat call is the best play. 

Why Not Reraise When We Have An Ace?

If they shove, then we have to fold and we just gave away some extra chips. 

We need to make sure we get to see the flop. The small blind is already the aggressor in this hand,  if we hit our flop hard, then they are going to be betting into our winning hand. 

This Sounds Great In Theory But How Does It Play Out At The Poker Tables?

Watch Mark Teltscher at EPT10 with As5s in the small blind, it's the exact same situation I have described above except the raise comes from the button.

Just go to 22:52 on the clock and watch the hand unfold.

Will you be playing poker like this the next time you hit the tables on Pokerstars?