Okay so in January i took the cowboy challenge and completed 100 games with a loss of $0.70. Im not complaining it could have been worse and it was my first time taking the challenge.
So when i anaylized my games i came to the conclusion that my bubble play was my biggest downfall so with this in mind i watched a few of 19honu62`s again and again and took lots of notes (which i highly recommend to watch for anyone serious about there game).
Then i played a load more sng`s and ranked 113th on the battle of the planets leaderboard and seem to have my game sorted.
With this in mind im going to take the challenege again at the $3.50 level as i have a healthy enough bankroll to invest the $87.50 needed for the challenge.

I acheived this by mid-month so happy with that and my reward bonus.

My bankroll is healthy enough and on the rise!!

100 x $3.50 9-mans double bankroll of $87.50.
Keep silver staus and collect the next 2 VIP Rewards.
Stop playing tournaments and concentrate on Sng`s as im leaking alot of money playing tournaments as well.

Thanks for reading, dont be shy to comment, ask questions or state your own goals, its good to support or rail other members as we climb this poker ladder to the top :-D

Peace out