8)      It has been an interesting start for the new year. I joined PokerStars in December, Poker School in January. I was always of the thought that when you stop learning, your days are numbered.
           My own definiftion  of  " boredom " is as follows :
 " Boredom..... is a state of mind that exists when an individual has given up the searched for knowledge and has lost the use of creative imagination. "
           Well, I've learned alot about poker, I've come to know and have found wisdom from the players here.
Learned alot about myself and the value of patience.
           I got to the NAPL Rookie Roll last night and finished in the money for 20 cents, two PSO skill finishes in the money for a total of a nickle. Got 25 cents now ..... 3 weeks ago I had $ 00000000.
Next blog entry will be Feb 3, 2011......So on I go................ 8) ........:arrow: