Hiya Fellow Pokerers :-P

     After 54, sheesh :wink:  almost 55 years,  I never thought going back to schoool would have been interesting, never mind being fun.
      Playing poker with PokerStars and the folks in he rooms for the last month has been a blast. There have been a few rude  people but for the most part very nice people from all over the world. I've learned  to speak  some German and brushed up on my Spanish .
     Today, I went to Poker School Online and I'm really impressed with the layout, presentation and explanations that came from the " Core Course ". BRAVO and KUDOS to the PokerStars Online School Corps.
      There were some things I ...kinda knew already...kind of . :wink:  

       I'll finish my first blog by saying " If you have'nt gone back to school yet, then. Sharpen your pencils, bring a notebook and a virtual apple for the crew ......:lol:  !   It's time well spent .
       And Thats No Blarney ......:mrgreen: