I recently started selling shares in my stakes in the Shares and Staking forum and have run 2 stakes so far with a 3rd on is way at the moment.My first 2 stakes resulted in a profit for my backers and Im looking good so far in the 3rd with more than half the initial BR payed back with only a quarter of the games played.

I really enjoy the challenge of playing for others as I seem to play better when I have the responsibility of other peoples money in my care.I also get a kick out of making $ for my backers which is why I throw in quite a few bonus games during the stake paid for by me personally and any freerolls that I am ellegible for.Initially I put the bonus games in my stake so I would get more backers in my stake and now I play them coz my backers who initially backed me have been loyal to me and continued to back me.

I also enjoy backing others and investing in their stakes sometimes we lose and sometimes we win big but for me its not entirely about the money its more about the fun of watching others play and being on the rail.Its a good way to make friends as well I now have about 6 players I am loyal to and will back them if I see a share offer up for them.Every now and again I will back someone new just to give them a chance but I have found its best to do a bit of a background check on them as everyone is not always who theysay they are but I still like to trust people in the main.

On another note I am currently sitting at 245th place in the Open League and as the top 500 make it into the Premier League I am looking forward to playing in the Prem again as its an awesome comp and I would encourage others to make it their goal to achieve.You need 150 vpps to make it worth your while and I successfully achieved my 150 vpps by selling shares in my stakes.

Golden table is here at the moment too and though I havnt been able to get one of those yet its still on the hope list LOL but even if it doesnt happen I have had alot of fun trying to get one.I figure the more games I play the more chance I have of finally making that hope a reality.Still a few days to go.

Maybe you would like to check the Shares and Staking forum out and watch a few of the players in their stakes I can assure you its fun to be involved and can be good for the BR if you invest and  get lucky my best invest so far has been a $11 return for $2 invested so yes you might want to check it out.

Kind Regards CELL26 Staking Horse