About 3 weeks ago I deposited $10 and after much grind and playing 5nl,18 player $1.50 + $3.50 sng,s the odd 90 player $1.50 knockouts and 45 player $3.50 sng,s I managed to get my bankroll up to $79.65 and of course made it to Chromestar.Today I went on a bit of a tilt and though I felt like losing the plot I thought I better remind myself of my new found word which is attitude so even after getting several AA,KK etc cracked I took a few deep breaths reminded myself it didnt matter and decided to move up a level.I played 18 player $7 sng,s and 25nl and all of a sudden I noticed my fpp,s going up rather quickly and I thought I wonder if Im good enough to make it to Silverstar as I had never thought it would be possible for me as up until 3 weeks ago I would deposit $10 to $20 every week and just lose it all but that was ok as I can afford it. I have been playing in the premier league and doing ok and attending the training lessons so my game is definately improving,though I still have the odd brain explosion especially in the longer  90 player sng,s etc as Im still training my brain to concentrate for longer periods.Anyway the reason for my blog is that at the moment I need another 186 vpp,s to make Silverstar and I only have 7 days to go and Im going to give it my best shot so wish me luck fellow PSOers and I will let you know how I got on,Silverstar or bust lol