I have been playing in the premier league this month for the first time in my short playing career and it is way more satisfying to me than playing in the open league.I have found it alot harder than I thought it would be to stay in the money but my attitude is certainly getting better as I have come to believe that a good player is one who takes the bad beats graciously and moves on to the serious matter of building up their stack again after almost being wiped out and if I am wiped out theres always the next tournament.For a while there I was getting quite emotional after having my AA,KK,QQ,AKs cracked by whoever had the guts to go all in with their minor hands like QJ,Q10 etc and I saw that it wasnt only happening to me but others as well and I came to realise that I take things too personally and I needed to gather myself together and concentrate on playing the game well and this change of attitude has resulted in my bankroll increasing slowly but surely.I have been watching as many good players as I can to see the different styles and luck certainly has alot to do with the final outcome an example being I was playing in a 5fpp satellite for the wcoop tickets and I watched a guy who had 58000 in chips get almost wiped out and was left with 785 chips.By this stage the BB was 4000 chips and I thought hes gone and I was so wrong,he recovered and through good play and sheer luck within several hands he was up to 120000 chips,just like that and I thought,now theres a player that I can learn from he didnt bat an eyelid and when he got beaten he congratulated the other player for having a nice hand and then just got on with the business of playing good poker,admittedly he had the luck but I also think he had the right attitude.So over the last few days I have been getting a bit loose and just playing any hands for the hell of it and of course my stack gets down to not much and then I try my hardest to work my way back up again and this has resulted in me learning so much more about the game.In the past I would panic when my stack was getting low and go all in with stupid hands hoping I would somehow get some luck.By doing my little experiment I no longer panic and make better decisions when the chips are down.My goal for this month is to just make it into the 800 of the premier league so I can play next months league and if I happen to make it to the money then that will be a bonus.I am so grateful to the pokerschool and the players in the premier league for helping me to be better at this great game that we all love playing so cheers to you guys and see you at the tables