Got my first opportunity to play in the Big Bang this morning and even though I finished out of the money it was an enjoyable experience playing against some of the name players.I had plenty of good cards,5 pairs of pockets but got wasted every time lol,just wasnt my lucky day as my last hand of jj went down to 25s.I cant wait to have another crack at it as Im sure my luck will come eventually.After I was out I sat and watched some of the other tables and how certain players played the game and on the final table I was cheering for Pinoy Hitman and it was good to see him get some good dollars even though I wanted him to win lol,but cheers to the winner Waylaw anyway.I am playing in the premier league this month and I have to say its been a bit harder than I thought it would be as my goal was to fonish in the top 50 and I will have to revise that goal and try and make the top 800 to make it into next months premier league.Good luck to all you players in the league and go hard or go home lol