I often see players referring to pokerstars as jokerstars because of the badbeats that happen to them.I have been feeling the same way lately as the odds of what has been happening to me is just unreal.Im feeling as though not only do I have to beat the players but watch out for the dealer sucking me in as well.Today I have had KK,QQ,JJ,AK suited several times and beaten every time,I get beaten by amazing hands,especially at the river.I am not a sore loser I enjoy playing poker and I do alright at times but I will no longer be giving pokerstars my hard earned cash,from here on in its only freeroll tournaments for me and if I win some cash I will play with that and then it wont matter if Im getting shafted by the dealer,I know there are lots of other players out there who feel the same way.To top it off I have just watched a player in a tournament I was in go all in no less than 8 times and it didnt matter what he had 10/4 off suit 2/5 off suit 10/7 he won every time,how does this happen?I had AK 4 times and lost every time then I go in with 88 and guess what I get beaten with,lol AK.Nevermind its all good Im realising that theres no skill needed here just luck and bingo skills oh yeah and a secret handshake with the dealer but thats never going to happen for me lol Im just a little fish in a very big sea of sharks lol.See you at the freerolls I will be the one going all in with AA and getting beaten by 2/3 off suit.