March 4th 10:43 a.m

At the beginning of this months Pro Skill League. I have managed to put myself among the of the leaders. Aggression, and Patience have allowed my play to equal it's match. Had alot of lucky hands, and some great power hands the lasted through the river. 

Finally understanding poker a little more, (considering myself a novice player) being patiently aggressive will pay when in the right situation. All positive points in eight tournaments really surprised me.

My fourth month in the PSO, and by far this is my best start yet. Im excited to be where im at so far. Next three day wont be able to play any tourneys due to work.

My plan is to keep the same method. When off from work, I play atleast 4 of the five freerolls. Hoping to max points in one days play. I dont know if this method works for anyone else, worked so far in March.

Stay tuned for updates during this months Pro Skill League. Good Luck to all players.