This is my first blog ever. So let me tell a little about me. Chris Faulk, 31, born, and raised in Charlotte, NC. Married with two kids. Im a workaholic, 10 to 12 hour days at times. Ordinary guy, stay out of trouble, and do the right thing is what i know. I was not always a poker fan. I usaully would play video games like NBA live, Madden, and call of duty more than anything. Time went on, and i was introduced to poker by my little borther.(Gotstogetit) That was about 4 years ago. I knew nothing about poker, and wasted alot of money. More of down situations, than up. Messed my account up numerous times. That led to me being away for a while to find a better way to play on Poker Stars. Been away for about 3 months, and finally im back. Played my first tourney today, and won. I entered one of the NAPL SNG Shoot Outs. Got the satellite, and entered the NAPL nightly $500 freeroll. As i type im have $3,485 in chips. Hopefully i can make it to the top 1036. I have set back while away, watched many tourneys on Poker Stars. Collect my thoughts, and seem to have the cofidence to play again. Been playing micro tourneys over at UB while correcting finicial issues here at Poker Stars. Well, i just got put out of the freeroll. Had KQ off, in the sb. Player 5 has Q9 heart. The flop comes Q-3-6 off, the turn an Ace s, the flop 9 club. Finished 4,151st place. Cant be made at the hand, i have won many that way. Try again later. I'm glad to be back on Poker Stars. I promised myself that this time i'd be more focused on poker instead of the money. It seem that i would make it just to the bubble, or burst right before. That would make me so angry. First i thought it was Poker Stars, but i realized that i just need to play better. Keep posted to my blogs, as i keep it updated diring tourneys. Tourney blog updates after each tournament. I'm more focused, more dedicated, and ready to win my first tourney. Poker Stars shuffle up, and deal. Ceaza4eva77