Happy New Year, Y'all

Well, if anyone reads this.  I've made it to the next level (yippee).  I had to really work hard to get here.  It does seem a lot of hard work to really play poker.  I was playing last night and after having a good week of making it above 50th place in one and top 15 in another, I was sure proud of my playing.  I still find it hard to play against those players who seem to have to prove some stupid point of always going ALL-IN on every hand.  It seems to take away some of the fun in the game.  Maybe someone out there can explain WHY? these players continue to do so.  I know that sometimes I do it , but I really do it because my hand warrants it.  So I've made the next level, I hope to meet some of u during this months playing.  BTW, Good Luck.  It's been fun so far.  Thanks to those who have given some cool advice, I appreciate it.  Maybe some of u should give some good advice to those who always go ALL-IN for every hand...lol