The other night I was noticing the Bad Beat Jackpot on Ultimate Bet was nearly 600K. I figured I would get on a .25x.50 NLHE table and see if I could be around when it hit. All players who are playing at the limit the jackpot hits on, gets a share. To the point......About 30 minutes in to the session, I have 2 tables open. The players to my left and right end up with Four Tens and a Straight Flush to the Jack. My share was $1250! Not bad for two $10 buy ins and 30 minutes of play. On top of it, I had over doubled up on each game prior to it hitting. I generally detest the online jackpots because they take so much in fees (10%). Just figured I would "take a shot" since I had never seen it so high. That's it for now. Going to Reno for the World Poker Challenge. I saw AZHARDBALLZ there last Monday. We are supposed to meet up today too! See you all later!!!!