18th April 15

             I've just come out of a week long tilt. I had built my bankroll up to way higher than it had been and had started playing higher stake games and had had some success and learned a few things playing against better players. Then I hit the inevitable bad run of hands and results, and instead of riding it out, being a little tighter and more considerate with my bets, I loosened up, played more aggressively, and played several tournaments I wouldn't normally play. 

            Looking back on it, it was obvious what was happening, but I stubbornly refused to accept it, and played on in this negative frame of mind, blaming everything, and everybody but myself.

           I also wrote a very negative blog, criticising Poker Stars for the way the game plays, and all the bad beats (I have since deleted the content of the blog)

           I went on to cash out the remainder of my bankroll, leaving a couple of dollars in, and went back to the beginning and started again.

           I really need to learn to feel when I'm tilting better than I do. Some players go from calm to tilt in seconds, with me, it sort of creeps up on me over a quite long period of time, until I change the way I play into a style I play very poorly and become more and more annoyed as I watch my bankroll go down and down.

              I also made some very negative comments in chat boxes, which I regret. I may switch the chat box off again, so as not to inflict my foolishness on others

             Hoping to do it better this time

              Happy flopping, Regards