.......after having been harrassed and harangued by an abusive (Canadian) player in a tournament a couple of years ago, I started switching my chat box off, and instead used my stats box. However, recently I've started playing omaha by means of a diversion when my hold em game isn't profitable. Out of interest, I monitored my chat box, and was quite surprised, and even amused at some of the comments posted by some players. 

              I still don't understand why some of these people play a game which makes them so angry. Ok so we've all had the tilt, we've all shaken our heads at the screen, and most of us have even uttered some profanity under our breath. But to commit these feeling to a message, and especially in capitals, (as if the recipient will read it really loudly) is even more wasted effort, and lets the table know you're tilting, upset, and annoyed. This makes you even more of a victim for the more ruthless players.

               Most of these insults would be quite sufficient if NOT accompanied by what seems to be the mandatory profanity. 

                F*****G Fish.... firstly, fish don't do this. The comment was made by a player who had flopped small quads, and was aimed at a player who had flopped a high full house, and had (in my opinion) played well not to loose his stack.

                F*****G Idiot.......unfortunately, idiots do this and breed more idiots. However, this comment was aimed at a player who had seen, understood, and played well against a quite obvious bluff into a board that showed nothing. The protagonist had even called a huge raise against his river bet.......

                F*****G Shark..........erm no..........playing your pocket fours all the way to showdown against A Q J 10 9 after you called a pre-flop raise, does NOT make the other player a shark.  

                F*****G Donk........was the accusation against a player who flopped an up and down straight flush draw, hence an up and down straight draw, and a flush draw, and the protagonist only saw this because he also checked the river, and his opponent chose to show. 

                So please, if you need to make a comment, leave the profanity out, and try every now and then to see past your anger, resentment, and arrogance and just say......"well played"

                happy flopping

                                          Regards, Collin