....this was one of the choices for an answer in a recent PS survey. I chose this option even though I hadn't played for a few months, though there was still a few dollars in my bank roll. The reason I hadn't played was. that after enjoying a week or two when my online game produced similar success as my live game, I had increased my bankroll  four fold, playing a steady tight aggressive style that I play most naturally.

           Then everything changed except my style, and start hand positioning, I was playing the same s&g games and micro tourneys, I was making the same raises in the same positions, and only shoving in position with the nuts. 

            I spent the next three weeks watching my bankroll dwindle away to almost nothing. And eventually became so disilusioned that I stopped playing online. Then the survey appeared in my inbox, so I completed it, sent it off, and logged in to loose the rest of my bankroll.

             I had the same successful week or so, that now seems almost familiar to me, then it all changed again, after increasing my bankroll fourfold,  watching as it was raked back again. 

              So here I am for maybe the fifth time, played well, made good decisions, raised my bankroll, then..........nothing...........beaten consistently by poor hands played out of position, the now well known "first all in" winning against a better start hand, and statistically way too many "two out" bad beats, and "runner runner" bad beats., and having well played bluffs called by very weak hands.

                While I know very well that it IS possible tyo win money on PS, I'm at a loss to understand how to maintain the increased bankroll and play against "the game" as well as the other players.

                 At the end of the survey, I added that I now only play for leisure, and that is where I am now. after watching my bankroll increase again, with no euphoria, just waiting for it all to go wrong again......... which it has.......time for another break,.