.......or however you choose to describe things that happen around you while you look on, powerless to change the situation.
Finding myself in that all too well known poker position of having little going right for a few sessions, I got  chatting to an old mate from  my school. I was telling him how everything I tried wasn't improving my poor results, I'd tried loosening my game a little, tightening a little, playing more aggressive, lowering my start hands,...........you know how it goes....
His advice was remarkably good for a non poker player as he reminded me of an occasion at school, when for no good reason, him and me, and a couple of other mates did the " coin toss" for a few lunch hours.
For those unaware, the coin toss is tossing the same coin a large number of times, and recording the results....how many heads....tails....longest run of each....where the numbers were even....and so on. ( I can feel some of the younger readers yawning, but bear in mind this was slightly before the days of easily procured personal chemical enhancements and internet porn)
Anyway, although thoeretically, every toss of the coin is a 50/50 chance, long term results come out more or less even. The longer you go, the closer the results become. For every long run of say heads, there will be a corresponding run of tails, or two or three shorter runs added together cancelling it out.
His analogy was that,  when things are roughly even, is how you usually do in poker,  where  a run of heads is that time we all enjoy when the cards almost play themselves and things go predominently well, and a run of tails being where I am at present.
His advice was to be patient, maintain the discipline in my game, and the game would even itself out, and eventually  "come back" in my favour. Added to this, my own hard earned knowlege that if it's going badly and you keep playing more and more, and taking bigger risks, it seems to get worse.
So, while things are like this, I'm guarding the bankroll and playing a few freerolls and micro  SnGs then when things improve,............
                   byword.....  I asked why he didn't play, his answer......            "....too many variables....."
                                      Happy Flopping
                                                                      Regards, Collin