ok, so I've read some of the begging blogs for the 5 grand, you know the ones "....if I win I'll buy grandma a new tyre for her wheelchair....." and other suchlike offerings. Then I came across Joe Stapleton's blog, 2/21/12. It was so refreshing to read some humour by someone who obviously doesn't take himself too seriously. Good on yer Joe.
          anyway, later that evening, I switched the laptop off, and settled down to watch some programmes on one of the poker/gaming channels. The first programme was King of Queens, very apt, this was followed by a movie called Aces Ventura......set detective. Then an episode of Bluffy, followed by a new series of Full House, about a British guy pretending to be an American doctor, where each storyline is about his pair of friends, and a set of patients, This was followed by a documentary about a pair of poker playing rappers, Biggie Smalls, who had quad deuces......and the protagonist.....Tupair, who had kings and and jacks. The outcome wasn't pretty. Then there was an advert with the little wrinkly guy out of Star Wars saying something about " may the fours be with you" Finally, and my cue to retire to the land of nod, another documentary, this time, about American presidents, and their connection to the world of poker. These included, ......        Andrew JACKSon, Franklin D TWOSvelt, and of course a pair of Goerge Flushes. And another six presidents with the initials.....JA...AJ....AJ....TJ....JT....and not forgetting JK.
      By this time, I thought my drink had been spiked, so I rang the emergency services (999) ............ 

            Happy Flopping
                                   Regards Collin