This is my second blog. The title is a little inacurate as it has been 10 weeks since the first one. Anyway, after having spent many hours reviewing hand histories and tournament histories, it became quite obvious that during my first 8 weeks, I had played far too many hands, and way too many tournaments. I put this down to the  novelty of playing on-line.
       During the second 8 weeks, I refined my filters, played less competitions, (mostly turbo 6 s&g and micro tournaments with a few multi table s&g's) and became more selective with start hands and position, I've also completed some of the courses giving me access to some freerolls. (great places to refine your skills). During this 8 weeks I have continued to win regularly, but mostly small. About 100 cashes, (a few less than the first 8 weeks) but played way less competitions, so my percentages have improved slightly. I now top up my BR less often, so small improvements DO have a positive effect.
                                                                 REVIEW PROCESS
          First time I requested hand history I recieved thousands of hands, now I request 1 hand or 5 hands while still at the table  which means I have access to the information I want without having to wade through to find it. I also use the hand replayer function, at first just for "bad beats" but now, I also collect bad beats I inflict, great hands, quads, straight flushes, and well played  hands. Keeps me on an even keel when reviewing.
           Improve percentages again, preferably by a better margin, top up my BR less often again, ultimately break even then go into profit. refine the mathmatical formulae I have devised to calculate differences in performance, then simplify and make available.
      Happy flopping
                              regards Collin