Which is your favourite cards color?











It's interesting, how people choose the cards with which they want to play. I am talking about same color cards. Sometimes, you just like the diamonds, and when you have something like Queen and King Diamonds you play. Even if you don't have Queen and King diamonds, if you like this color, you choose this cards - Ten and Nine diamonds. 

It's the same if you like Spades, Hearts or Clubs.

Depend of which color do you like, your brain works like this and it takes signals, that because you like the color, you will have luck with it. 

Most of the players, plays because of the good cards, not because of the color, but some of the players, which believe in luck, they choose the color, which they like and play with it. 

Sometimes, they are lucky indeed. When they play like this, 

One small example - I like Spades, and when I have Jack and Nine Spades, I always play. When I have Jack and Nine Clubs, I don't want to play them that much and probably most of the times I will fold. Sometimes, this brings me luck. Sometimes it deosn't. 

But depend of the color you like, you decide how to play. I don't think I am the only one, who play like this, or I am one of the people, who think about that. Some players don't think about that at all.