It's a really good game - this poker. You must think a lot, you must use your brain and you must be brave to play your cards. A lot of people, are not brave enough, when they are sure that they have a good cards. For example :

Player A has - Ace King - same color - Spades.

Player B has - Nine Ten - different color - Heart and Spade.

The flop is - 2 diamond, 3 spade, 5 heart.

Player A bet 100$, Player B raise to 500$.

Here is the question - is player B bluffng, or not? Because if he doesn't, he has the best hand in the moment, because player A doesn't have anything, except High Card.

So, Player A calls this 500$. 

And the next card - the fourth one is - 6 clubs.

Player B is on turn, and he bets 500$ again.

Player A is in a bad situation, and he is wondering, should he call again.

And iin the end he calls, he decide to risk. And he plays.

The last fifht card on the table is - again 2 clubs. 

And Player B got All in with his chips - 2000$.

Player A decide to fold, because he is not sure about his cards anymore. He still don't have anything. 

And in the end, Player B takes the money with just a bluff, and the Player A lose, because he don't have anything.

That's happened to me once. I was sure in my cards, but sometimes you can't play against people, who don't understand the game and just makes a silly bets and go All in all the time.

Like for example - in tournmanets - almost most of the players go All in al the time, and sometimes , when you think you have good cards - like Pair of Aces you decide to go All in too. 

But in the end, one of the playes play with 3 and 7 same color - spades, and it happens like this that he has a flush. 

And he beats you.

So, is this fair? Because I think it's not. In tournaments you can't win, if you play like you should play. 

So , because of that I beg people, who think they can play POKER, to think again about that. 

If you know how to play it, you are not going to play like the example I gave.

Because of that I am getting angry on this tournaments. Because there is a lot of people, who can't play poker and plays with a silly cards and in the end they beat good players, which thinks about the cards, the bets, they are calculating procents of their winning and staff like this. 

It's not fair. Is it?