Catgirl Salnikova My Take on : Play a Bigger Game- Lesson 3 vs Vanessa Selbst Hand

Welcome again to my take on Pokerstars amazing NLP course and how I got to practice it on Vanessa Selbst.  Amazing as it brings us knowledge and energy we would never have knowingly practised in our poker game. Having this extra knowledge will without doubt add to our chances of winning.  This week I read the best Tweet ever from any poker player, Daniel Negreanu: ‘If you lose the drive to continue to improve your skill level, one thing is guaranteed: you will go broke.’ 


In this section of our NLP Professor’s Lesson, talks about : “So we need to have something called Sensory Acuity when we play, i.e. a brilliant awareness of our senses in the present moment to be able to pick up upon the tells of other players.”  Our Professor also states that we create emotion which changes our physicality.

I came across one key sentence for me, ‘Fake it till you make it.’ If you cannot control your emotions and they reflect in your posture, then change your posture to relay the body signals you want to relay.
This reminds me of a confidence lesson I was once given: ‘ if you want to be confident, simply act confident (Fake it) even if you don’t feel it, and in no time the least that can happen is the other players will believe you are confident. ‘Sitting at the table sick with fear, counter it by simply imagining that you are a strong Lion looking over the pride, feeling the strength of that animal will in no time make you King/Queen of the table. (I just realised I am Anchoring here, see below.)

So how do we control this seemingly complex triangle – Body vs Mind?
Find alignment first e.g.: body, breathing, mind, mood and then take action

To be aware of your emotions at the table will bring great ease and balance in the mind. When you bring a cold focused mind without mixed emotions to the table, you will know for sure that your great play is on its way.If players are not aware of their emotions or not in alignment with themselves (their desires), it is easy to recognise their weakness which reflects on their mood and body language. It is generally very easy to see i f a person is happy or in depressed and then take immediate advantage of this.

Last week I was lucky enough to be playing in The Pokerstars EPT Womens Grand final Monte Carlo, a Euro 1,000 buy in with a Euro 16,500 first prize. I heard Victoria Coren talking and come out with another great piece of philosophy: “Why worry about the whole thing, they are only chips.”
I had been observing players mind-sets, many talking negatively about their hands, and in turn, their best hands getting crushed by much weaker hands.  It was as if they had come to Monte Carlo to explore emotional negatives of any sort, and maybe to enjoy losing. That suited me fine of course, but my game purely involved controlling my emotions.
Even so, maybe I absorbed some of these negative emotions,  I went out on the 3rd to last hand of Day 1 when my flush got crushed by my opponents trips turning into a full house made on the river. In my mind this meant that I did not have enough belief in myself that I could win at that time, but it can all be changed.

If you can believe in yourself and your cards, if you believe that your cards will always work for you, then the whole game will follow with great ease. The only thing you need to do is to feel good, then the rest will follow, first your mood will improve, then the body, then all your desires will follow.
It might  take good 3 4 month to change vibrations , but the one’ s who are determined and relish perseverance in life,  will definitely  achieve great results .It is a game for my mind J
I always wanted to know how to get things or satisfy my desires, what is the formula, that was always priority in my life, 
Our Professor then explained in her article: ‘ANCHORING in NLP allows us to change our state or mood and thus our actions and reactions, all essential things for poker players.’  Our Professor offered an exercise that allowed you to bring all your strengths to anchoring from a wonderful thought pattern. One that you created at a time when you were particularly strong at controlling your mind state.
I have developed my own exercise to practice and develop Anchoring

1.       Training my mind into new thoughts, focusing or even forcing my mind in the beginning to think about a new thought pattern.  E.g. Bringing positive thoughts to replace any negatives in my mind.
2.       Sometimes it feels like thoughts are attacking my mind and I am not in control, and can’t stop thinking of the same enjoyable subject. How I am training my mind to avoid old habits.
 I choose a subject which feels good, and write for 20 minutes in a book I call my positive aspect book. What I like about the particular subject ?  What are the positive sides of it? Why do I love it so much?
After 20 min writing on the any subject or even better poker, you will feel how you feelings are changed, especially your mood and the felling that your body is full of energy. I think this must be the way I develop my Anchoring :wink:

My Only Monster Hand Came To Greet Vanessa Selbst
I think I can relate how it all came together for me in The Ladies Grand Final in Monte Carlo:
I was sitting with PokerStars Superstar Vanessa Selbst, a player I know a lot about, a player in my top ten of favourite poker players.  Vanessa was controlling the whole table in a very clever way by aggression mixed with humour, and her powerful omnipresence in poker. Vanessa was button and I was small blind (400,800), she made a min raise 1600 to steal the blinds.  I had AA and ever so shyly 3 Bet to 2.4k, which almost looked like a mistake. Vanessa got really enjoyed at this, she actually thought I made a mistake, she kept saying to the whole table, “how can she raise that amount,” and then she pushed all in. This was a fantastic result for me to get max value and double up. Vanessa still couldn’t calm down saying how could I do that, to which I replied: “It wasn’t innocent.”  Then one of the best players in the world made my day and told me I had made a very clever move, nice hand, which was an amazing compliment from the great PRO. 

I really hope my take on Playing the Bigger Game has helped you a little. These teachings are new to me, but I am sure this will be all part of my sub conscious thought process in a few months.
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