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Thank you again for joining me in my thoughts and adventures following Pokerstars NLP Coaches Master class in NLP for poker. It is hoped that my take on the lessons will give you help digesting this mind expanding knowledge. I passionately believe NLP can give a massive edge to our poker  game and mindset, with minimal stress and effort. NLP seems to me to be a natural way of bringing out talents within us that we never knew existed.
I have just realised that one of the most important elements of following this course for me , beyond the knowledge, is that it is making me think and use my mind in a positive and creative manner. Is this called 'lateral thinking'?
I think it was 'Socrates' who said, 'The only thing I know for sure, is that I know nothing,' and maybe this philosophy is something to think about. Although there are many ways of interpreting this statement, there are so many poker players who will not consider expanding their thought process, and these will always be the 'Fish.' and those that really know nothing. I like to adopt this thinking when if I sit down at a poker table, I am always looking for those I think know nothing or those that will brag they know everything. The point is so many players believe they are experts and after a few months of play believe they know everything, can they ever improve?
Poker is a game you never stop learning and I am following this NLP course with the prime aim of using it to enjoy my poker game more and of course life itself. Winning at poker can only be assisted by opening your mind and taking in every piece of knowledge that you feel can make you better. I generally play poker as a business, but now I want to make my game a more enjoyable, relaxing and fun experience, I believe my NLP Coach can help me achieve these aims.
What The Coach Taught:
GOAL SETTING in our poker game
1. Most of our behaviour is the results of habits and isn't from our conscious mind but our unconscious. The unconscious mind is our primal mind, our 'old' brain. It:
Our old brain learns most of its 'stuff' between the ages of 0 and 7yrs old!
Then most of our values & beliefs are set between 7 and 14yrs old. These determine our results.
 For example do you think that someone who doesn't value PLAY or COMPETITION will be good at poker? Do you think that someone who doesn't value WEALTH will win at poker?
We can use visualisation, hypnosis & meditation to make changes in our unconscious mind. If you don't have any resources for this I recommend you jump online and order some books or audio CDs & MP3s for GUIDED meditations that mix in a little hypnosis and visualisation.
My Thoughts and Practice
Someone once created a single thought developed into the belief that when you smash a mirror you are granted 7 years bad luck. How do you turn your mind off from this insane annoying belief. I don't want to believe in broken mirrors, I want belief in myself. When we grow from childhood to teenagers , we are collecting a database from other point of views , and rarely our own point of view.  We can change our dreams/beliefs by changing our chronic patterns of thoughts. It all can be changed very easily, NLP will help you change old thoughts and habits.
I believe both the subconscious and conscious mind can be trained, and for me Meditation and tapes are fantastic aids to  develop a positive mindset and behaviour changes. I use meditation tapes on an almost daily basis, for my key weak points. I  believe a trait that is a strength as well as a weakness in my game and many female players especially, is there a very high valuation or respect for money which in turn can reduce the controlled aggression required to win. Visualisation is the key to success in many sports and professions, of  course what you chose to visualise may well be what you want most to improve in your game. If you haven't tried these tapes, go for it, you will not find an easier way to strengthen your mind and beat your demons.
What The Coach Taught:
2. You must use everything in your game and see what sticks
 As a poker player you must have behavioural flexibility. As Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. So if you are STUCK in your game doing what you are doing, try a NEW approach. What areas of your game are you most stuck in? What could you do DIFFERENTLY here?
My Thoughts and Practice
Being stuck means continually thinking the same pattern of thoughts, old thoughts and habits can easily be changed ! ( Providing you are passionate about changing them of course). To create a belief that Aces will always win for your you, rather than listening to the thousands of stories; "My Aces are always cracked etc.," that create a fear in your own mind. We are all creators of our own experience, never let others control your mind. I practice positive thoughts, by visualising and imagining hands and flops. I do these exercises for fun not because I have to do them, if I had to do them it would create resistance, Exercises are to be done for fun, if they are bugging you, take a nap lol!
 What The Coach Taught:
3. The is no failure, only FEEDBACK
You are in the perfect place for you right now. Everything that has ever had to happen to lead you here has led you, here. Take the positive learning's from everything and become a master of utilisation on the table and in your game online. So stop the blame game. You fall down, you get up, and again and again. Edison took hundreds of times to perfect the light bulb, Ford tried hundreds of prototype cars before he got his Model T, Branson tried lots of ventures before Virgin finally got off the ground. Try Try Try in poker.
My Thoughts and Practice
When I play poker  I am more and more aware of my emotions, so could it be subconscious choice to play poker in order to control my emotions . ( Please be aware I am sharing all my thoughts openly, if any become to abstract, just consider me a little mad and move on lol).
Of course there are two ends of the stick, loosing and winning .
Both ends can be beneficial , because when we losing we are forcing are mind and body to move forward and expand , to move the game, and life  forward, beyond what it was before, come to new conclusions.    I have noticed on many occasions when I have won , I have said to my self 'Yippee' for one second and that was it, I instantly started to think what is next , there is no end to our desires. But  when I loose the game my mind star to work in a direction of improving my strength . There are definitely two ends of the stick to this game and both very good. When I am losing it is a sign that my believe is not strong enough.
What The Coach Taught:
4. Modelling
NLP believes you are a blank slate. If something is humanly possible (I.e. .someone has done it before) , YOU can do it. This is why it is so important to model our PokerStars Team Pros. BE Daniel. Channel him. BE the type of man & player than Daniel is to DO the things Daniel Does to HAVE the results Daniel gets. What are his beliefs? His attitudes? What decisions does he make in his game? What does he value? Copy this and you are half way there! There are no extra ordinary people just ordinary people doing extraordinary things!
My Thoughts and Practice
This is ABC for me, my role model would be Liv Boeree, she simply went on a journey and created her own success. It as simple as that !!
What The Coach Taught:
5. You have all the resources you need now. Period
You are abundant with wealth, and I don't mean money. You have all the information you have learnt over the years in your head, your experiences, your skills, your memories. What you lack you can just go out and buy & study, I.e. books, CDs, DVDs, PokerSchool Online resources etc. Take a class in poker, watch one of the videos, take a seminar, get trained by a Pro, talk to people, learn from masters. If someone else is already doing it, you can do it too!
My Thoughts 
If  I knew that winning a big poker tournament will happen 100%,  would I have different thoughts in my  mind right  now. Would you ever doubt it?  It is quite a challenge to give 100% believe in something. Never doubt it.  My mind is my resource and I am happy to expand it at every opportunity.
I will look forward to putting all of these fantastic mind starters to action at The UKIPT in Nottingham this Friday the 13th of April. Thank you for your lessons Master Sara.
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