Catgirl Salnikova Learns NLP
My name is Catgirl Salnikova and Pokerstars have very kindly asked me to act as Poker Playing Coachee for this very exciting course on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have enjoyed playing poker at all levels for the last 6 years or so, from the $5 online Pokerstarswomen's League to very high stakes live cash and micro stakes Pub Games. Every game of poker is a lesson for me, a game that provides me with the opportunity to enjoy what I am good at, and hopefully always get better. As Coachee, I will offer you my thoughts, feelings and how this fantastic new knowledge helps me develop my game. NLP opens so many avenues to improving one's thought processes, I think it is a really powerful new weapon to bring to the poker table. This NLP course is totally unique to Pokerstars and in fact a totally new concept to assisting you develop your poker game, but of course it will help you develop and improve many aspects of your life too.

During the short time I have played poker, I have tried to embrace every avenue open to me, striving to learn and improve my knowledge. My experience of playing poker has taught me to realise that there is so much more to winning than just technical knowledge and good luck. For me poker is about being in tune, with your mind, body, spirit and soul. Its about creating your good fortune, by using positive thoughts to create energy and achieve your aims. I always like to think of Pokerstars Pro Live Boeree for inspiration, how she developed from complete novice and then created a path to her massive Ept win. Liv followed the route many of us aspire too, she created her destiny, and I believe that NLP training will help many of us achieve the very same. This PSO course on NLP is totally new to me, or maybe I have been developing aspects of it for a long while without knowing. There is a very special magic in the way the top players win time and time again, or in fact how anyone ever wins that one big event.

Lesson 1 was titled 'Get a life, ' it led me to the following thoughts, which I hope my coach feels, were connected to her teachings lol. What The Coach Taught: Did you know that the Map is not the Territory? What does that mean?
Well simply that what you think is your reality isn't really at all. The mind can only process 5-9 chunks of information at one time, even though we are bombarded by over 2Million bits of information every second. These 5-9 chunks are those that we've filtered out of the 2Million that came through our 5 senses.

Why is this important? You can change your reality immediately by changing your focus. Perception is projection. In life as in your game if we only notice the negative our experience of life will be negative. So if you want a positive poker game and player experience, think positive. Get HAPPY ma-an!

My Thoughts and Practice I have been practising observing my mind, concentrating on one subject , then in time more of the same thoughts appear. When I concentrate on good hands for two or three weeks at a time, only good memories come to mind and in turn creation of new fantastic hands. I even try imagining the hands I want, flops appear in the mind and sooner or later I see them in a real game. Call me mad if you like, but I think it works and it certainly makes me feel good.

What The Coach Taught:: Also next up is that you must ACT as if you are responsible for everything in your life, are you victim or victor. Own your power. OWN your game and all its outcomes 100%. Stop blaming others. The buck stops loudly and clearly with YOU.

My Thoughts and Practice NLP has so far taught me everything is connect. We cant change our money, relationship or health right this second, but of course we can change our mood right now . We have full control' of our thoughts. The other week I was playing my 4th $5 poker women league , the first hand of the game I had PA I raise , the other player went all in she had KK , she hit the King and I was out in the first hand. I just laughed , there is no point to get angry , and I felt a lot of ease after laughing. I had no one to blame, not even myself. If I got angry and stared to blame everything , I would probably have ended up with headache and negative emotions for the rest of the day. I mean you can never hate 'Aces,' never ever, please don't let me ever blame the dealer for my Aces lol.

What The Coach Taught: 
3) Finally, your behaviour is determined by your emotional state. An event happens, leads us into an emotional state and then we make an action which takes us to another event. We call these ESA loops. Event State Action.
My Thoughts and Practice: I know my emotions are great indicators and have a huge influence on how my game or life events can turn out. I am working on mood creation and control which in turn assists in controlling my emotions. When I make the effort, it is is very easy to control my mood, then it is easy to control my emotions and it is easy to play. It is far easier to make decisions. Then in turn I practice aligning myself with all decisions I make,  with practice  every decision  becomes clearer, simpler and more powerful. If a player can manifest joy whilst playing poker, if Kings give us Goose bumps, then maybe we are on the way to full control and a positive state of mind awareness.

What The Coach Taught:  4) Your emotional state is a result of the meaning you assign to events in your life and the habits that are formed from those meanings. These emotions affect your play. CONTROL your emotions if you want to play a bigger better game, rein them in NOW.

My Thoughts and Practice I play some very big live cash games, I also play very small online games. Whenever I play I know my edge is going to be my ability to control my emotions, as well as learning to recognise the emotions of my opponents. In turn I enjoy everything that is positive around my game and am learning to totally dismiss anything that could be considered negative, if given that meaning.
My emotional state is controlled by learning to play poker with ease, playing the game as a business that I love. I Played my second online poker stars women $5.50 league and came first. I felt I was at ease while I was playing, even if I didn't have fantastic cards to play, I was certainly playing the players and not the cards. I had AA twice once doubled up and once lost almost all my chips. If you don't love Aces, then you don't love Prada lol.

Finally, our NLP coach offered up a really fun exercise to enjoy, I call it 'Visualise.' Where am I now, where do I want to go and what do I need to get there, she asked. I put all of these thoughts onto paper, maybe I went a little far sticking them above my bed. But thinking and feeling these desires everyday, will create what I want. Appreciation is a fantastic tool to turn around your life, also appreciation in poker. So what did I visualise? A very big trophy and lots of cash of course.

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