Mark Cater

 For many of you out there,poker offline and online is not merely a job to us in the`s a career. The naysayers who don`t agree almost always have some argument that is counter-intuitive to being a poker player...they`ll say all sorst of things like it`s gambling no matter how you look at it,or gambling is a sin or I work, I don`t screw my life away on risk. I have noticed this attutude from numberous people especially women who do not comprehend the scematics of the game.

But for us, it is a social enviornement and finacially rewarding one even if your a tight player who only sticks to ring games.

Generally, what these naysayers believe is that somehow because it is "poker" your a degenerate and evetually you`ll come to ruin because you`ll waste your rent money playing and end up homeless as a drunk bum.

Mind you,that that could be the case provided you take the route of the late stu unger,but those same people don`t see the big picture, is that in the worst case senerio you can lose quite a bit.
But you can also return to the tables, and evetually recoupe that loss or losses...a bad beat is never permanent.

It`s not a drug either or an obsessive compulsive disorder or lifestyle as many people have quoted from Phil Hellmuth, "this is my life". A little correction here on that issue...balancing your poker career from your actual life is important as we all know, there is family and other issues that are neccessary to life, and in a big way poker takes a lot of our seperating your life from your poker activities is not your life,your real life is away from the poker tables.

Some of us have made enough money from poker to say goodbye to our job,welfare and poverty, so poker, in spite of the recent activities of the FBI have only rerouted the online player to offline games...which is actually a good thing.

Poker, generally can be a never-ending story and ongoing educational experience...the point here being is to not be a degenerate and not fall into greed and various temptations that would otherwise supplant that discipline we have to make a living or a career at poker.

If your the religous person, then more power to you,hey prayer and God is very benefitial in there`s a real edge!

The point here is that poker,for us is not merely a job it`s a career and way to profit from the system of OPM (other people`s money) or visa versa, we choose this avenue of our finacnial existene for specific reasons, but it is our career choice and no FBI agent in the world can deny that.

Poker, is not just a job,not just a game,not just a means to an is your road to success.