I’m reading, I’m learning and I’m playing. I’ve got some money and I simply want to grind it. Here’s my plan:

Step 1.
I start with my current BR= $80 and play a number of 300 games at $1.50. I will expect to have a ROI of at least 20%. Now that means that I’ll profit $90 making my BR= $170.

Step 2.
Now I’m playing 300 games at $3.50 expecting a ROI= 20% resulting into a profit of $210. Now my bankroll should be $380.

Step 3.
After I continue to play another 300 games at $7 limit, having the same 20% ROI I should build a bankroll of $800.

Step 4.
And finally, the last step for 9max SNG’s, will be playing 300 games at $15 limit expecting a ROI of 20% and build a total bankroll of $1700.

So I managed to build a nice bankroll playing the low stakes 9 max NL SNG. Now the real thing is to use this bankroll to play MTT’s, lots of MTT’s in order to score big money right? From here I will just have to see what tournaments are worth playing. But ‘till then I have a lot to work on.

I will post updates for my every 100 games and see how it develops.

So wish me luck and tell me if my math is ok. This is what I expect if I play my best. What do you guys think?