I have been fooling around now on pokerstars for over 12months on and off and by that I mean that I would get a fit and be all about the game and the site for as long as I had money in my bankroll and didnt freak out about some stupid plays that lost me my money. That could have been a week or 3 months depending on how the thing went, so with no real game plan or 1 game type I preffered i would just roll up into some game "any game" and start throwing all my hard earned money into the bankrolls of others. I only last week finished up on one of these streaks after loosing €100/$126 in the coarse of 30 days, doesnt sound like alot to some but with our first baby on route, bills and a morgage to be paying and taxes out through the ceiling (i live in Ireland where recently they have started charging people who cant afford bread to start paying for water along with everything else) a €100/$126 is alot of money.

I figured that there is no point in giving out at the computer screen or game type or site simply because it's no-ones fault but my own and why it's because I never studied the game correctly, even though the internet along with youtube are both full of all you could possibly want to know about the game in order to become good enough to at least hold onto to your money. Thats not to mention the wonderful and highly recommended poker school that PokerStars have themselves. After only scratching the surface of lessons and tutorials that are on offer there I felt a need and most importantly a want to read more,watch more, listen  more and boy is it exciting stuff out there. I love to read as it is and learning is like a hobby as apossed to being a chore, to gain information is to gain power, and that definitely falls true when it comes to the green felt.

So the story is that I have gotten all excited at the prospect of learnig a new and valuble skill that will take the game of poker to a more serious level without taking the fun out of it along the way, because lets face it I have not been enjoying it so far as I simply didnt understand it. It  goes so much deeper then just sitting around a table and playing cards, there are so many different places to be explored in this poker adventure I am going to undertake and im going to start the whole thing off with this very blog, I want to share this with people of similar interests and with people who are like me after discovering the game of poker for what its really about.

So it's back to school for me to learn learn learn, no more jumping into the easy looking games because I honestly feel that if your not experienced enough that there is no such thing. I will be starting out at the micro levels and working my way up the levels and hopefully to the very top.