I'm way over-rolled for playing 2PLO, but I'm doing this personal challenge thing where I'm trying to get out of the red at all stakes I've played. 2PLO is driving me nuts.

I'm playing relatively tight - waiting for 4 coordinated cards or cards with a nutty element which I can call light with in late position. I mix it up a bit if I get some kind of 3-card run down after limpers in position with a bit of isolation raising etc. Post-flop I cbet cautiously depending on opponent tendencies, flop structure etc. I'm playing what should be a good game at these stakes, but I'm getting crushed.

The general tendencies are:
- I'm running 1600bb under EV in all-in situations over 17k hands which doesn't help
- I miss flops with my good hands pretty consistently - any bluff cbet is called and I have to give up. I try double barreling too but people call with 3rd pair and win.
- If I have anything but the nuts, someone always has the absolute nuts even if they should have been out of the hand on the flop.
- If I have the nuts, no-one will pay.
- If I have a strong draw and bet it - people call with crap that holds up
- If I try to bet out other draws, they stay until the end and invariably hit.

Some people who play 89/0 or 2/0 or 45/40 are consistent winners and most of their winnings come from great showdown value which I never have, or don't get paid with if I do.

I just don't this game.