Okay, after the 6th place finish, leaderboard confirmed I was within striking distance at 18th place! I'm starting to get pretty serious and some pressure playing PSO now. I'm no longer playing more than 2 tourneys at a time and playing each and everyhand as if the last 2 cards. Which, btw sometimes have serious drawbacks as well if you know what I mean.

Now I'm on wait and see mode...Trying to play as much PSO as I can and not get busted by a donk which by the way can cripple you bigtime! Okay lets get some numbers. Say, you have 30% chance of winning and there are 2 "donks" or even more in the table? Chances are the more they are the lesser chance of winning you have.

So it's either NUTS or fold! That's how I'm gonna play it. So, If you're reading this, better watch out!

Sip a cup of coffee and smoke a cigerette and I will be more than happy to say "I fold".  Anyhows, glhf