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Here is the Big Bang [$5,000] Guaranteed Final Table Review part three, with video plus commentary by Roland GTX, ArtySmokesPS and myself.

This final table exhibited some unique play that can be described in many ways, but I'd lean towards this being a battle for top spot as rightly should be the case with the amount of money that is on the line!


Part three started four handed, below are the stack sizes and blind level:

Blind Level - $2,500 | $5,000 ante $500

• 1st - LMZ17 - $271,485

• 2nd - sahmen1 - $107,832

• 3rd - tegobi1 - $43,683

• 4th - Oxana247 - $40,000


LMZ17 appears to be in cruise control for top spot, but one double up from sahmen1, tegobi1 or Oxana247 may change the whole table dynamic in terms of having a stack to manuever coupled with getting creative!





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