Hi everyone,


The Big Bang [$5,000 GTD] on April 13th, 2012 at 13:00EST was a great display of the wide variety of different skill sets each of the PokerSchoolOnline regions have! After nearly 4 hours of play with a total of 344 entrants the final table was reached!

Seat 1: MissIronLedy
Seat 2 : Cubano_RF
Seat 4: EsojestMort
Seat 5: Sonya Spades
Seat 6: josejuanmex
Seat 7: 0pp0rtunity
Seat 8: trukot
Seat 9: bolseguito

Many solid MTT players have rallied their way here, most notably two of our very own PINOY_HITMAN and 0pp0rtunity. Unparalleled poker skill and audacious lines ensued that would make the best of the Premier League wither under pressure!  Many back and forth battles for the chip lead happened, aggression would be an understatement!

Check out the Big Bang April - Part 1 VIDEO with commentary by Team PokerSchoolOnline members, ArtySmokesPS, Roland GTX and CannonLee!

If you would like to participate in this exclusive tournament for PokerStars poker school members only, please visit The Big Bang page for more details!

Big Bang April - Part 2 will be published next week! Stay tuned on our home page, Twitter and Facebook!


Kind regards and best of luck at the tables,
Team PokerSchoolOnline member