A somewhat rough start to my first full month. Played in 8 PSO Skill League tourneys so far with mixed results. Some nice showings but overall a rather mixed bag. I've been ranked as high as 450 overall but have currently slipped into the 800's which is probably a result of the number of tourneys I've played in compared to others as well as some dismal showings in my most recent plays.

One lesson I've learned this month so far is to make sure you're fully committed to playing a tourney when you take the plunge. One night in particular, after a long grueling day of work, I played in an 8pm skill tourney. I quickly realized that my heart just wasn't in it and it showed in the quick exit which ensued.

It's hard not to fell a little frustrated after a week like this. I don't mind losing to some better played hands, but it's maddening at times to watch your chips get sucked off the top by some total donkey play. The beginning rounds of a tourney are usually the most frustrating as there is almost always at least one of them at the table and I have to be careful not to lose my cool and lose any sort of focus while waiting for them to inevitably flame out and redistribute their chips to everyone else.

I need to figure out how to reset my expectations a little in terms of how I should be measuring my progress. Coming into the month, I was (perhaps naively) thinking it was all about how high I could finish in the rankings. But knowing I can really only participate in 1 tourney per day after work, and seeing the sheer number of tourneys being played by the top dogs (kudos to your guys BTW, I bow to your stamina :-P ), I think I need to perhaps be looking at the consistency of my finishes and view my overall ranking as somewhat secondary.

Here's to bigger and better finishes. Hope to see you on the tables.

Any and all comments welcome.