It starts off with me playing a cash game at the casino, im not envolved in the hand but its the most amazing hand ive ever seen. So everyone folds to the button. Button calls, SB calls and BB checks, Flop brings  A 2 4 Diamonds, all players check,  turn brings the 2 of clubs, so the board is now (Ad 2d 4d 2c) all players check again, I knew something was up because all 3 players were so agressive from what i had seen just playing at the table. Anyway river comes brings an A so the board is now (Ad 2d 4d 2c  As). SB bets 4X the pot, BB raises him and the Button reraises BB, after that SB reraises all-in, BB all-in Button all in. Everyone opens their hands SB shows 22 (four of a kind dueces) BB shows 35 of diamonds ( straight flush) and the button had AA (four of a kind Aces), craziest hand ive ever seen.