Hello Friends,

Just finished 2nd Neymar Jr.   It's an interesting tourney. Given the 11 step qualification to get a ticket I find it amazing how many unattended hands there are to deadhead off. Top 15000 of approx 22000 make the money. It's also a turbo with 5 minute levels. There are still 2 events more to come.

Shortly after 1st break I ducked an all-in overstack with A8s but next hand called a shorter stack with my JJ. His AKo caught an A flop and I was down to 2BB. I probably could have blinded out and made next money level but deliberately risked the difference ($2) on a button 22 with a fellow short stack SB and an absent BB.

Of course the SB calls all-in and flips AA. I'm out at 3779th (for $5) of 22046. 3 hands 3 decisions and my tourney is over. Too Bad.

On the other hand if you read my previous blog about my mini tilt ending June I got some good news when I checked my tourny tickets this morning.

I found out I am still in Premier League!!  I re-read rules and examples and have figured out two things. First  it means at least 11 people ahead of me failed to get their 20 VPP points to stay in Premier League. Secondly when checking the tables in either league the VPP column is (rather obvioulsy in hind sight) what they got the month before not the current month.

In non-poker real life my weight still affecting my sleep and playing time (if i sit too long I swell up) but I've have started to exercise slowly and eat more carefully. Baby steps on a long trip but I have started.

Good Playing and Have Fun,

Regards, Cabadanac