Please commence playing those tiny sympathy violins.

For all my supposed skills at poker (OPR 6 stars, ITM 50%) sometimes you hit a cold streak which if you don't catch it causes a tilt. The cards don't have a memory and they don't have it in for me, just feels like it. Also I shouldn't have taken a week plus off of playing mid-month.

With 12 Premier games to go I was at 465 and if I fell 4 spots a game would be just outside the top 500 ($2). so I played my 11th game of the month to try for a few more points.

A JJ all-in lost to A10o (A on River) - down 7 points. (sitting at 486th)

Game 12 (just need a few points to ensure top 500 - right?)  AQs loses to KJo (J high straight runner runner after A107 flop) down another 13 points

Game 13 (surely can't lose 3 in a row?) AQo SB loses to AKo BB (K as kicker) on Axx rainbow flop - 2 nd hand of game lost another 15 points.

Game 14 (5am my time) - doing okay through 1st break, upto 6k in chips - fell asleep and lost another 7 points

Game 15 (2nd to last game in month, now in danger of missing 700 (!?!) cut off) lost another 8 points

game 16 ( last game of month ranked 736) desperate to stay in Premier - BB JJ on xxx rainbow board loses to flat caller with pocket QQ . down another 15 points.

Was only now while typing this I remembered league keeps top 800 not 700 - game 16 the end of a 3 day tilt wasn't necessary. Gonna miss 800th by 5 points or so.  Heck, games 12, 13, 14 and 15 weren't necesssary either.

Loss of Focus, playing while tired (11 pm /5am my time), chasing losses - All deadly sins in poker. I just suffered 72 hours of them. ( Lost $7 from my small float too)

Taking Canada Day off. Playing in 2nd Neimar tourney on 2nd. I won $7 in the first one.

Have my 20 VPP for next month at least.

Happy 4th to Yanks, 1st to fellow Canucks.

Regards, Cabadanac

PS: Watch out Open League I'm baaaack.