Hello All,

Wow, June is proving to be a much tougher slog than I thought. 10th game just finished. Clearly one a day is about all I can manage atm. Typically need to get to 2nd break (2hrs) for positive points and going deep means 3+ hrs for sure.

After 10 Premier league games I have 1593 points. This does not seem like much compared to the open league but it will have me in the top 200 of the 1350+ active in the PL so far this month. A total that high is pretty much a guarranty I'll finish the month in the top 500 and be in the Premier in July too. Not sure yet if I can crack top 80

As I got use to the differences between Premier and Open my 'play' improved and so did my results. My points collecting went about +3, +3, -4, +29, -8, -15, -15, +40, +13, +47 to get me to the 1593. One of the -15 was cracked KK on hand two by AA. The other was a 99 button over low board and Q10s BB (4card flush flop) caught 10 river.

29 = 77/665, 40= 18/221 and tonight's 47= 19/307.

I took a fellow bloggers advice and put some away time into study and review of both my play and my habits. Even changing how you play just one opening can make a difference. I am also losing weight on doctors orders by 'eating right and (yuck) exercising'. Down 10lbs in 1st two weeks but quite a bit left. Should be really healthy again by next summer. Yes I'm that overweight, if I weren't Canadian I could try out for the biggest loser TV show.

I took another bloggers advice and checked out OPR (Official Poker Rankings) - this site tracks 'everyones' play in cash tournaments and large SitNGos. A long time ago, like 2007, under another name and on another site I was rated up very high (85%) for that year. Currently, even though I am now playing for 50 cent or less entries, I am once again ranked (71%) above average (about 140,000th of 485,000) after just May and June. That said I hope to be a six star player before long.

One of the neat statistics OPR covers is your finishing place whether early (oops) or late(money/close to money) my current numbers are quite quite good as it seems I finish in the top 30% of a tourney over 90% of the time. I am also cashing in June (nothing big yet) at almost 65%

OPR is a free site - check me - or yourself - out.

Knowledge is power. Study what the poker school can teach to improve your game.

Regards, Cabadanac.

PS OPR is tracking me since I am playing cash games, cash SNG and cash tournies, while in the poker school, so I can get the VPP points to stay in the Premier league.