Hi Gang,

Yes indeed my 616th in the open TLB in May (and 20VPP) got me into the Premier for June. Just finshed the very 1st tourny and pointed at 101/377 for a big +3. The point line was 124. Premier a wee bit tougher and a wee bit different since essentially there are no noob/donks. Levels are slower too at 10min each.

Much like drowning I went down to one BB twice around the 100minute mark but got KK and then an Ax that caught. After the 2nd break down to again one BB and thought my K ,10o might stand HU but an A8 caught an 8. AGAIN like last hand of May probably should have gone on blinding out for another 3 or 4 hands - would have made more points and cracked top 100.

In Premier only 4 tournies a day 6 hours apart, likely going to try to play 2 per day or maybe 3 depends a bit on wife and real life.

Already working on June VPP via small stakes 4 tourny 3 cashes and 2 sng 1 cash(1st). 20 VPP for small prize and 150+ to get big ones. I think I'll see how high I can get in TLB before attempting 150 VPP on my small bankroll.

June off to such a  good start I've won a school pass each day on my scartch ticket - don't forget to do yours.

Good Playing at tables and remember "Patience, Grasshopper"

Regards Cabadanac.

PS Don't forget to click the star on your favorite tournies/ sng types - then just check favorites tab to see what you really like instead of everything. Also helps avoid temptation to play beyond skill level just because an event's registration is closing as you see it.